Inspired from Middle Eastern, Turkish Makam Music and Jazz I found myself searching for my own voice in a very old tradition. After a long Journey my voice became the clarinet voice and I dedicate my life to learn and teach the art of living through music.


I started studying classical piano as a child, but quickly developed a deeper interest in improvisation and composition. A few years later when I switched to the Saxophone and the Clarinet, I discovered in Middle Eastern music and Jazz, a natural vehicle for my emerging voice. 

When I studied with the great player Albert Piamenta, I was exposed to the system of makams and microtones for the first time. It took years but eventually I got Into the Sol Clarinet focusing on Middle Eastern music. 

I studied also music with Opher Brayer, focusing on continuity in improvisation.
 At the same time, I studied composition at the "Rimon" school for Jazz and Contemporary music in Israel.

I was lucky to perform and record with some of the best musicians in Israel. I also composed the music for several theatre productions and theatre-movement shows and wrote scores for a variety of movies and television programs. In 1998, right after I released my first solo record, “Various”, I moved to New York where I continued my composition studies with Professor Edward Green and later I enrolled in the New School Jazz and Contemporary Program where I got my B.F.A in Jazz Performance, studying on scholarship with teachers such as Jane Ira Bloom, Jim Snidero, Billy Harper, George Garzone, Jamey Haddad and Steve Wilson. While continuing my studies, I performed with my Middle Eastern Jazz trio.
In 2001, I joined the Kokolo Afro Beat Orchestra and became the Musical Director for their debut Album “Fuss and Fight”.  

In the spring of 2002 I formed my own band, ANISTAR. with the vision to reemerge traditional Middle Eastern & Mediterranean music by infusing it with harmonic and formal elements of Jazz. Performing on the G Clarinet (Turkish Clarinet) & Alto Saxophone, The band forged a singular and unique voice from the diversity of my experience and influences.

I took my inspiration from the foremost iconoclasts and innovators in each idiom I explored-- from Jazz and Be-Bop to Klezmer, Gypsy, Mediterranean, North African and Middle-Eastern music; from Charlie Parker, Eric Dolphy and Henry Thredgill to Samir Srour (the Egyptian saxophonist) and the great Turkish clarinetists, Mustafa Kandirali, Sukru Tunar and Suffet Gundeger. Another inspiration is my main teacher, Souren Baronian, the great G-Clarinet player. Thanks to him I started to get deeper and deeper into Turkish music.

For around six years I studied Middle Eastern music with Souren Baronian and also traveled to Turkey to take lessons with different Gypsy Musicians and different teachers.
In 2002 I graduated The New School, and I was lucky to become a faculty member at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York, where I was the Director of the World Music/Middle Eastern Ensemble.

During this time I recorded and performed with many bands and artists around New York, including my Middle Eastern Jazz Trio, Agada, The Skye Steele Quintet, The MEJ Trio, Klezska, the Cardamon Quartet and my Middle Eastern Orchestra, ANISTAR. l performed in venues such as The Symphony Space, Lincoln Center, Tichman Hall, Tonic, Sweet Rhythm, The Knitting Factory, Joe's Pub, The NJPAC, The J.C.C. Makor and The Cutting Room, just to name few.
I was featured on the Film score for the movie “Pretty persuasion” Directed by Marcus Siega featuring James Wood & Selma Blair. I also recorded and composed few more scores for films. 


Continuing to explore the music of the Middle East. Getting more and more into the Turkish Makam, it took few years before I decided to go back to the source, back to the Middle East, dedicating my self to the traditional music and to the Sol Clarinet.
At the end of 2009, I moved back to Israel.

Since than I teaches at the Centre for Jazz Studies in Tel Aviv at the Israeli Conservatory and at the Maqamat school for middle eastern music in Tzfat. I perform and record with many artists and have few projects that I perform with on a regular base such as The Ottomans, ANISTAR and Turkika. I also performs Workshops on the subjects of "The Art of the Middle Eastern Makam" and "The Music of the Middle East" and "The Turkish Makam Workshop." 

In the last few years, my goal is to search for peace and silence in the music and dedicate my self to learn and teach musicians from all over the world, the path to inner peace through music 

"The art of living through music"